Know Your Couple  - Fact Finding

Form A - Pre-wedding Couples

Please complete the following if you had purchase our Pre-wedding + Actual Day Gowns Package

Bride's name *
Bride's name
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Adele Duxton works with various gowns vendor to bring their specialities design to our couples
Client can choose to top up $1800 for actual day photography and videography and get all Pre-wedding photos in Softcopy
- 2 hours of instant print services with choice of roving photographer or instant print booth - animated childhood montage
I hereby agreed to the following: *
Date of confirmation
Date of confirmation

Form B - Actual Day Couples

Please complete the this form if you had purchase the following package
- Perfectly Yours, Actual Day Package
- Premium Actual Day Package
- No Frills Actual Day Package
- Ala Carte Actual Day Photography/Videography services for Actual Day. 

Please indicate your name and address
Please indicate your name and address
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Reporting time for Photographer/Videographer *
Reporting time for Photographer/Videographer
Please indicate what time you want the crew to arrive at the bride place. (do note that a top of $80 per crew member is required if they need to arrive before 7am) Please provide us a copy of your confirm actual day schedule to our email
Please indicate the name and address of the wedding banquet
Date of Home Site reece *
Date of Home Site reece
This allow us to visit your home to see if there are adequate lighting and propose any decorations if required for better photography and videography effects.
Time of Home site reece *
Time of Home site reece
Date of Banquet site reece *
Date of Banquet site reece
We will visit the banquet together with the couple to test out the following: - AV Testing (please bring your laptop and any montage where applicable) - Trial March in (where full hall is open to us) - Banquet hall lighting Test
Time of Banquet site reece *
Time of Banquet site reece
We/I hereby agreed to the following: *
For couples who are engaging us for your instant prints needs, you may visit our for reference and ideas. Please indicate your preference for design, colours and theme. Please also indicate if you prefer roving photographer (No photobooth and props will be provided) or photobooth setting with Props.
Couple who have engaged us to compile thier childhood montage, please gather at least 60 photos for us. 20 photos each for bride and groom growing up, 20 photos of bride and groom together. Please also specify the songs you prefer for the montage.
Adele Duxton partner with Professional Wedding Emcees to bring up the atmosphere for your wedding