Client's Testimony


Marcus and Eileen - Invested in Basic Actual Day Package

Hi Adeline! :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful day yesterday! I love the photobooth, the backdrop is really beautiful! My guests are praising about the how beautiful & unique the backdrop is! The photo design came out to be so beautiful too! Sorry that I didn’t have much time to talk to you. I was so busy yesterday.

Your team is AWESOME! We NG so many times during the morning shoot but yet they were so patient with us! They were really fun to work with! I could feel their sincerity in their work. Timothy and Alvin kept joking with us, capturing our beautiful shots! They definitely made all of us very comfortable in front of the camera! It was really fun working with them!!

Once again, thank you so much for all the time & effort that you & your team had rendered! 😊

Melvin and Michelle - Invested in Premium Actual Day Package

Hi Adeline & Alvin. This is Mich & my heartfelt gratification for all that you had done for us just now.

Please also relay our thank you to Geraldine.

Service line has always been the toughest to manage in Singapore culture, and on top of that, wedding photography has the most competitions. And today, you and Alvin had displayed all the positive traits and the professional attitude had really made us feel very much at ease to have you guys being the very big part of our big day.

Many specific occasions that I will like to thank you on;
1. A very big thank you for willingly to extend the shoot to a full day for us, to fulfil all the scenes with no rush of time and no worries.

2. With little planning and confirmation, you had displayed very professional attitude in managing the shoot with your expertise and profound experience.

3. Despite the late discussion and many changes/amendments, you and Alvin had always been accomodative and active in providing your honest inputs and discussions to make the shoot even better.

4. Much apologies for being late today although you had extended the shoot to be earlier. We very much appreciate your punctuality and we are deeply apologetic for the morning wait.

Though we still had our big day shoot to go, we are really glad to have your team to be there.

We look forward to both the video edition and also 11/11 and 18/11.

Thank you.

Jeremy and Florence - Invested in Perfectly Yours, Actual Day Package

Engaging Adele Duxton was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my actual wedding needs. - They’ve made my experience a worry-free one, a great help when they are just so many things to settle for the big day! Much had been said about their wonderful service in a previous post here on Budget Brides, but this round, I’d like to compliment the actual day’s photography and videography team. They’ve exhibited professionalism in its utmost level. (P.S. despite getting into a car accident a few days before, Alvin, the videographer still chose to attend my wedding - what dedication!) and were really a fun/sporting bunch to work with! They knew exactly the right moves to lighten the atmosphere and were flexible enough to accommodate all my requests (didn’t do a gatecrash, but i requested for them to coordinate a last minute sabo to get my husband-to-be to perform). Most importantly, They captured precious and beautiful moments across my actual day. Lighting’s perfect - Something that we are very particular about. (I heard she assigned the “GOD of Lighting” David Goh to us)

Again, I shall let some of my pictures to do the rest of the talking.

Thank you Adele Duxton for making my wedding extra special to me! If you have any queries, do drop Adeline (this lady boss is awesome, she makes wonders I tell you) a whatsapp on 8318 6363. No regrets!

Jeremy and Florence - Invested in Perfectly Yours Actual Day Package

Testimony posted on Budget Brides (warning: Long testimony ahead!)

Hi fellow BTBs, JTS
If you are a budget-conscious BTB (Just like me) who is very wary of packages with hidden costs, and is still looking for a vendor that offers affordable yet comprehensive wedding packages, I’d like to recommend Adele Duxton!

I signed up for Adele Duxton’s “Perfectly Yours, Actual Day” wedding package back in Jan 2017. Although I am a Dec-17 BTB (i.e. have not seen the AD Photography and Videography yet), Adeline (main coordinator) was so awesome that she deserved an advanced post! In fact with their level of professionalism and dedication, I am very surprised that Adele Duxton gets so little recognition in our secret group.

Adele Duxton is managed by an adorable couple, Alvin and Adeline. I once spoke with Alvin, and got to hear from him on the reason behind their passion - they experienced every couple worst nightmare i.e. lousy photos and videos, poor coordination etc. From then on, they made it their life’s mission to ensure nobody experience the same sh*t. With that, it boosted my confidence a 100% knowing that I am truly in safe hands. True enough, they never disappoint.

Adeline has been extremely patient, responsive and hardworking. She puts in effort to know my likes/dislikes, googled wedding dresses & floral arrangements accordingly to my preferences, and liaised with the respective suppliers to ensure that I will be a happy bride at the end of the day. Oh, did I mentioned that she gave birth end-Jan, but was back on the job in Feb? She was quick to share information and experience she’s gathered over the years and very willing to do things beyond her work scope! Definitely not a pushy sales person too - She’d respect every decisions I make, no judge-y vibes at all. Knowing that I was very concerned that my AD morning highlights video may be a bore without gatecrash, she assured me that Adele Duxton will not let that happen - The team will brainstorm creative ways to add fun/laughter somehow! Till date, Adeline has become more than just a vendor, but a friend. She is just a phone call away or sms away, and will always responds within the shortest time possible - regardless of the time of the day! Last but not least, her bubbly, down-to-earth personality is greatly appreciated.

As there are just too many positive incidents to share of, i’d just highlight one that happened recently.

My fiance and I have visited their bridal gown partners in Apr 17 and made a decision to go with one of them (shall not be named). We were told initially that we can select our gowns as late as Sept 17. because that is when a new gowns collection will be ready and since it falls during the Chinese Ghost festival and most brides would have returned their gowns (i.e. more gowns for me to choose from!)

Unfortunately, I received news from Adeline in May that due to an urgent change in business direction, I had to either select my gowns from them within 1 week where they’d hold the dresses till Dec 17, or change to another bridal gown company. We chose the former option as the others are not really to our liking. However, it was vert stressful on me as I had to make a decision so quickly. Eventually, I know I wasn’t too happy with my gowns choices, but tried to convince myself that everything looks better with make up on the actual day.

In Aug 2017, Adeline dropped me message to inform that Adele Duxton is proud to partner a new bridal gown company (1728 Wedding House Singapore), and requested for me to take a look at their gowns. Without any hesitation, I agreed. Yet, at the back of my head, I doubted if this was even possible since I’ve selected gowns from the previous company and Adeline had paid the $500 deposit. Within the next few days, I went down with my mom to view/try the gowns, and I fell in love with their dresses. I told Adeline how I felt. As always, she was all understanding and told me she will do her best to achieve the best outcome for me. The next day, she informed me that the original company will not do refund, but Adele Duxton will absorb all the loss, and I’d still use the gowns from 1728. In her exact words, “Client satisfaction is more important than money. Especially when a bride needs to look their best on her wedding day” I am speechless. Hands down the best services I’ve ever received.

Jia Wei and Christina Leow - Invested in Basic Actual Day package

Thanks Adele Duxton team to be my videographer and photographer on my wedding on 17 June. Once again, me and my husband would thank the fantastic team to help me look beautiful on my big day. I am very happy with the photos and video outcome.

All of you did a really good job especially the director, Adeline Tan and her hubby, help us so much on the whole process and even 1 week earlier they did a rehearsal at the ballroom to try out the sound system and visited our house to make sure everything will goes smoothly on the actual day.

Good job! Team Adele Duxton!

Huang Zheyu and Amy Zhao - Invested in Wedding Planning and Videography

After so long, Adeline has become my friend. I thank her for everything she had done for that wonderful wedding. It will be one of the best memories of my life.

Like many young, day-dreaming girls, I started shaping my own wedding since primary one. There were too many ideas accumulated. Adeline helped me sort them out, and make them happen.

Adeline was very dedicated to her job. We met a few times after my work to discuss about wedding. She contributed many creative ideas. She spent her own time checking the venue as well, even though it’s as far as Sentosa island.

We did not agree on everything. But when there were different opinions like the price of the vendor or the outcome of the design, my preference was always respected. I could feel she was on my side, trying her best to satisfy my needs, instead of pressing me to comprise with the vendor.

Of course when I thought about the wedding again, there were things that could be done better. But Adeline helped me a great deal in liaising with all the vendors, making decisions and doing follow-ups. With her, the preparation of wedding was so hopeful and painless. On that day, I was really the happiest bride in the world!

Amy Zhao, Wedding on 02/02/2016 at Tanjong Beach Club

Alan and Goldie - Invested in Actual Day Photography and Videography

We engaged Adele Duxton following the recommendations of a friend for our actual day wedding photography. During our first meet up, Adeline was extremely patient in explaining the different traditional procedures for a Chinese Wedding, something which we were woefully uninformed in, and making understanding our needs her top priority. Through her knowledge, professionalism and experience, we could feel her passion and drive for this industry as well as her sincerity in ensuring our best interests as a couple were well met. With that, we decided to engage their services and to date we still rate it as one of the best choices we made.

Resourceful, responsive, ready. These are the main words we would use to describe our positive experience with Adele Duxton of which there were no shortage of positive experiences, some of which we will share here.

We were told that they will come to our home to recce the area for lighting and space. When she arrived, she gave very good and constructive recommendations such as having photos on the walls so that it wouldn't be too bare and the merits of her suggestions were more than obvious in the atmosphere as well as the resulting photos and videos captured during our special day.

We also decided on a Star Wars march in rather late into our preparations, and we shared with Adeline that we were unable to find costumes. Adeline quickly went out of her way to source costumes and contacts for us, providing us invaluable information and assistance at a time when we were already stretched with finalising the other major aspects of our wedding.

Throughout the entire journey, Adeline was never more than a text or phone call away, her ever present support in the face of rapidly changing needs, a truly heartwarming presence. 

We really appreciate everything they have done for us in making our special day that much more memorable. They definitely went above and beyond our expectations and did a great deal in making our wedding a much more enjoyable affair. Much more than simply photographers and videographers, but also valued partners and friends.

Michael and Sophia - Invested in Actual Day Coordination, Photography and Videography

Adeline provided us a really great help before and on the actual day wedding. She replied to my doubts very promptly and even offered to help me return my gowns and suits, 7 sets in total all by herself!!

Engaged her crew for actual day photography and videgraphy, I personally think that the crew had put in a lot of effort to capture the best image on my wedding day. 

I will definitely recommend Adele Duxton to my friends who will be getting married in future.  

Willy and Perlinn - Invested in Actual Day Videography

Hi Adeline, 
Just want to say a big thank you to both you and Alvin for making our wedding day a fun and memorable one with the highlights and helping to choose my 2nd march-in song. We have received lots of good feedback from the family and the guests! Thank you and thumbs up for your services!

Vincent and Charmaine - Invested in Actual Day Videography

Dear Mr and Mrs Yap,
Thank you very much for the wonderful videos which you guys have done for our wedding earlier last month.
Any videographer would have done the job but what sets you guys apart from the others is the dedication and help that you all have shown from the moment we enquired.
Coming from different cultural backgrounds, Vincent and I face a lot of problems with having to play this video at our wedding luncheon in China. You guys actually hear and made sure that each and every concern of ours is taken care of.
You all made us feel at ease throughout the entire video process and guided us through the entire wedding. We would have been completely lost and probably lose track of time during the wedding!
Once again, a big big big thank you for making our wedding a success! And we would like to convey the message from our friends and family who have seen the video - the videographers are really good! :)
Vincent and Charmaine

Lucas and Jasmine - invested in Gold Divine Package

Both of us would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your team for the marvellous effort and the fantastic work.  Our appreciation is not solely based on our wedding actual day, 7 June 2014 but also throughout the whole duration after we confirmed your digital imaging services on 15 April 2014.  With less than 2 months to prepare everything - from pre wedding photo shoot to cinematography and finally photos and videos of the actual day.  Without passion and commitment, this is definitely not possible. 

We were bowled over by the end results from the photos and videos.  We liked what we saw and not surprisingly, so did our guests.  They had also commented fondly to us on the pre wedding photos and the videos.  

Special thanks to the STARS:

Adeline: The "backbone and spine" of Adele Duxton. Thank you for being so dedicated and committed in what you are doing.  We felt we were in good hands once we confirmed your services and you proved us right!  From planning to execution of plans, you did it excellently.  And not to mention, your bubbly nature never fails to put us at ease and make us comfortable.  Your team is unbelievable - though they are young, they are highly creative and talented. Kudos to your excellent foresight for choosing the right team to fit into your company's culture and beliefs. 

Alvin: A knack for taking fantastic photos. Always able to capture creative angles that we never thought possible.  Full of creativity, ideas and tons of patience.  Your rapport with your team is also commendable and we can see what a great mentor you must have been to them.  Highly talented and keep up the great work.  Such passion is hard to find in the industry nowadays.

Nicole: A sweet young photographer with vision. Also very passionate in what you are doing while having fun. Very unassuming and easy to talk to. You have a unique human touch to bring out the best in your subjects. Continue to grow this passion and you will become what you aspire to be. 

Last but not least, thank you Adele Duxton for documenting our marriage by both photos and videos.  This will go a long way and in the future, our family members and us will no doubt view them with fond memories. 

All in all, what a wonderful experience we have had with Adele Duxton!

Best Regards
Lucas and Jasmine

Allan and Durga - Invested in Actual Day Photography

This is an email 4 months too late. We will like to extend our sincere thank you to AdeleDuxton for helping us in the pre-wedding shoot, planning and execution of our wedding on the 12th of July 2014 @ Traders Hotel. Adeline was very helpful and attentive to all our needs throughout the whole journey! 
Thank you!

Best Regards
Allan Ang and Durga

Win Son and Yi Hui - Invested in Actual Day Photography/Videography

Thank you very much indeed for all the arrangements for making our wedding picture perfect on 5th October 2014.
We were duly impressed with all the arrangements ranging from advice to the wedding March-in, Do's and don'ts on the wedding day, little useful advice and the professionalism of the photographer and videographer.
Many of my friends and relatives were happy/impressed with the quality of the Instant print pictures.
Overall, we would like to say a big thank you for you, Adeline and Alvin for making our Big day a truly memorable one.
Best regards
Winson Heng and Yi Hui